Vision, Mission, Core Values


Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc.


Rolling Hills is an efficient and innovative member-owned Cooperative with safe, reliable, and affordable electric service based upon integrity and the 7 Cooperative Principles.



Rolling Hills provides and improves economic growth and quality of life for members, employees, and communities through application of our core values and a sound business plan.


Core Values

Employer of Choice:  Employees, their safety, knowledge, and integrity, are vital to our success.


Efficiency:  The use of technology and optimal utilization of resources, such as employees and assets, will improve efficiency.


Safety:  Rolling Hills provides safety training and a safe working environment for our valued employees.  We provide continuing safety education for members.


Commitment:  Rolling Hills is committed to provide reliable, affordable electric service to our members.


Integrity:  Rolling Hills is committed to serve our membership by being open, honest, and fair while utilizing sound business practices.


Accountability:  The Rolling Hills Board of Directors, management, and staff are accountable to our membership.


Affordability:  Rolling Hills provides reasonable cost of power based upon managing risks that threaten the financial stability of the organization.


Environmental Stewardship:  Rolling Hills is a responsible environmental steward.


Together We Save