Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative Election Results

Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc. members voted by mail ballot in December for open Trustee positions in each district and on potential Bylaws amendments.


Results of the Trustee elections are:

District 1:

Kenneth Becker 184 votes

Robert A. Fredrickson 210 votes

Write-in candidates 4 votes

District 2:

Bryan Boyles 305 votes

Paul R. Wilson 507 votes

District 3:

Justin Trost 369 votes

Write-in candidates 2 votes


The Cooperative congratulates Mr. Fredrickson, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Trost. These Trustees will serve three-year terms. The Cooperative thanks Mr. Becker and Mr. Boyles for their years of dedicated service to the members of Rolling Hills Electric.


Cooperative members also voted on potential Bylaws amendments. The results are:

Question 1: Should the Cooperative amend Bylaw Section 4.04 to provide term limits for Trustees? Yes: 1,105 votes. No: 451 votes.


Question 2: If the majority of Cooperative members were to vote in favor of term limits, which of the term limit amendment options to Bylaw Section 4.04 should be adopted? Option 1: 734 votes. Option 2: 744 votes.


A majority vote is required to amend the Bylaws. The majority of members voted “yes” on question 1 and for option 2 on question 2. The Bylaws are now amended to add Trustee term limits as follows: “A Trustee may serve no more than four (4) successive three-year terms, provided that he or she is duly nominated by the nominating committee, or otherwise placed on the ballot as permitted by the Bylaws of the organization, and re-elected by the Members at the conclusion of each successive term. Current Trustees who have exceeded these limits of service will not be eligible for re-election to the Board of Trustees after their current term expires.”


The following incumbent Trustees will not be eligible for re-election at the conclusion of their current term:

Gary Frieling, President, District 2, Athol

Kevin Cromwell, Secretary, District 3, Haddam

Bernard “Sonny” Bohnen, District 1, Dorrance

Leon Eck, District 2, Tipton

Melroy Kopsa, District 3, Cuba

Jay Overmiller, District 2, Lebanon


Members voted to add a new Bylaw by a vote of 1,075 “yes” to 455 “no” votes. The new Bylaw addresses availability of minutes and member attendance at Board of Trustee meetings.

It has been policy since the Cooperative was established in 2002 for meeting minutes to be taken at all meetings of the Board of Trustees. Meeting minutes are reviewed, discussed if necessary, and approved at the next Board meeting.

A Board meeting summary is posted on the Cooperative website within a few days after each meeting. This was started in March 2014 in response to member requests for information. Although not the official approved minutes, the Board summary is available within a few days to inform members about Board work.

A Rolling Hills member may obtain a copy of the most recent approved Board meeting minutes at any office by simply making the request and showing identification, as specified in Policy I-16. The Board reviewed and revised this policy to provide easier member access to certain generally available information.

Under the new Bylaw, minutes as approved at the next regular Board meeting will be made available, upon request, to members at any office within two business days following the next regular Board of Trustees meeting.

Also policy since 2002,  a member may request to attend a Board meeting by submitting a written statement of the business to discuss, who will attend, and time needed.

Under the new Bylaw, members shall be permitted to attend regular or special meetings of the Board of Trustees, (excluding executive sessions) by providing at least two business days prior written, faxed, or E-mailed notice to an office of the intent of the member to attend the meeting. Members attending a Board of Trustees’ meeting shall not be disruptive or interfere with the normal and scheduled proceedings of the Board of Trustees. Members in attendance shall not be permitted to speak unless placed on the agenda, during an open forum, or upon request of the President of the Board of Trustees.

Cooperative Bylaws and Board policies are posted on the website,

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