Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc. has a board of 10 trustees representing the districts of Ellsworth, Mankato and Belleville.

Sources of Energy

The trustees are elected by members of each respective district and serve a three-year term. Board meetings are typically scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Beloit facility.

  • The price of electricity is determined by several factors, including power generation, the necessary upkeep of our system and regulatory actions by the state and federal governments.
  • The electricity distributed by Rolling Hills Electric is managed by our wholesale power supplier: Kansas Electric Power Cooperatives, Inc. (KEPCo) Topeka, Kansas.
  • KEPCo is itself a cooperative and is collectively owned by 19 electric cooperatives, including Rolling Hills Electric. More than 50% of KEPCos energy resource mix does not emit any greenhouse gases.

Fuel: KEPCo’s electricity generation comes from the Wolf Creek Generating Station (nuclear), Iatan 2 (coal), Sharpe Generating Station (diesel), Prairie Sky Solar Farm, and hydropower from Western Area Power Administration. A significant portion of your monthly bill is derived from these sources.

Generation and Transmission Infrastructure: Being a member of KEPCo, the cost of maintenance of the generation facilities, and infrastructure is necessary for safety and environmental responsibility. This cost is spread across the 19 members of KEPCo.

Demand: Peak or very high levels of demand during peak times during the summer can lead to an increase in the cost of power. By changing your normal household routine from the late afternoon hours to early morning or late evening can reduce the demand on the system.

Distribution Infrastructure: Upkeep of Rolling Hills’ lines and meters is a large ongoing cost. We work daily to manage this cost through preventive maintenance.

Business Operations: Professionals at Rolling Hills Electric oversee the daily business of our utility, including billing, accounting and member service.

Catastrophic System Damage: Mother Nature can create unpredictable and unavoidable expense to the cooperative. Restoration and repair of infrastructure after severe weather can be very costly.

Rolling Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc. is subject to state and local laws.

We comply with federal statutes.

The management and trustees are active in associations and committees on local, state and national levels, which allows Rolling Hills Electric to represent our members’ interests. If you have any questions regarding your rate or rate categories, please contact our office at 785-534-1601.